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[Article] Immersion as a Method and a Mindset

“Who today can claim to be the initiated masters of the threshold realm, priestesses of the cunicular realms of phantasmagoria and poets of heart-to-heart? Who today can compare to the thousands of fanatical role-players as they wield the first art of man in ways never before dreamed of?” —Martin Ericsson

Immersion is the holy grail of live-action role-playing games: ever-pursued, yet arguably unattainable. Indeed, even though larp theorists and aficionados were not slow in call calling out immersion as a vague and ultimately self-referential concept, its attraction has remained active – and immersion might not have spoken its final word.

    Article published in the online journal Analog Game Studies.
  • Date : 2022-05-22
  • Thème : immersion in larp and anthropology
  • Original paper

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