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Last updated: 2023-01-07

Most of my games are accessible for free, so you can consult them before playing or organizing them. However, if you can afford it, please consider supporting me on Liberapay or make a one-time donation on PayPal :) ! Some games are also available as pay-what-you-want on

Table of contents

Sex and Gender

As a queer feminist, sex and gender issues are at the center of my thinking. Many of my games center around them.

  • NAIVE | 2019
    NAIVE is an erotic art game that aims to question our representations of sexuality, as well as create a virtual collaborative library of these representations by offering players to record game sessions. It exists as a two-player larp or as a four to twelve freeform larp. The freeform version was successfully played online using Discord.
  • Childfree | 2018
    Childfree is a five-to-seven-player larp about owning one’s own body, about being empowered to make life-changing choices and pursue one’s dreams and projects. It is a larp about choosing to get an abortion. It also exists in French.
    Childfree was released in a revised and illustrated version by Projet Évasions on January 2023. Both PDF and physical copies are available as pay-as-you-like, on their website or by contacting me.


Other games

  • Talk to Me | 2020
    Talk to Me is a two-player sandbox mini-larp during which the characters get through a crisis by talking without seeing each other. It allows to play out a variety of situations and character relationships, defined through workshops. During the game, the players talk through a door, or using voice-only digital communication.
  • Presence | 2018
    Presence is a two-player larp about long-distance relationships. It’s a game about love, separation, and the continuous presence of the significant other. It’s about missing someone you used to share a life with, about not being able to touch them or see them with your naked eye, about their ghostly company that lies in all things shared.


  • The Intimacy Workshop | 2018
    The Intimacy Workshop is a sex-ed tool for building a culture of care and consent. It also exists as a pre-larp workshop (included).