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Where you can find theoretical content, mostly issued from humanities and social sciences and adapted to live-action role-playing games.


  • Larp as Magical Pratice: Finding the Power-From-Within | Knutepunkt 2021
    In this paper, I explore the ways larp can help us create meaningful change by achieving what witch philosopher Starhawk calls a "shift of consciousness".
  • [Workshop] The Inner Saboteur: Fighting the Impostor Syndrome | Knutepunkt 2021 Book Event | With Michael Freudenthal
    In this workshop, I tried to share personal tips about how to overcome the impostor syndrome, using your inner "bad person" for support...
  • The Paradox of Inclusivity | Solmukohta 2020 | Eleanor Saitta, Johanna Koljonen, Jukka Särkijärvi, Anne Serup Grove, Pauliina Männistö, & Mia Makkonen (eds.). What Do We Do When We Play? Helsinki.
    In this paper, I address how “being inclusive” and “feeling safe” come into contradiction, notably in the way that we design community spaces. I try to offer practical advice to build more inclusive and reflexive communities, participating in bettering society as a whole.
  • How to queer up a larp: a larpwright's guide to overthrowing gender binary | 2018 | Biena, Rafael, Schlickmann, Gerke (eds),LARP:Geschlechter(rollen), Braunschweig, Germany
    This article examines different linguistic strategies in character writing in a queer perspective. It interrogates normative representations and advocate for diversity in characters and players' experiences.

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