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LARP in Progress was first created in order to keep the people who were interested informed of the advancement of my anthropology research about live-action role-playing games. In practice, it is my personal website, and you'll find, beside anthropo-larping content, more personal thoughts, some games and workshops I made, and various audio (podcasts), visual (photos) or text (blog) content I created or participated in.

...but, who are you?

My name is Axiel Cazeneuve. I'm a larper with a fondness for experimental or "Nordic" stuff, with degrees in philosophy and anthropology. I aim to develop tools and concept for larping communities to use, hopefully for the greater good. I do not have a full-time job, which allows me to spend a lot of time being creative, but is also precarious: if you like my work and feel like supporting me, you can do so financially on Liberapay, an open-source Patreon-like platform that only runs on donations, or on PayPal. Thank you by advance, and I hope you enjoy the stay...

Where can I find you?

I have a slight tendency to diffusion and am on a number of platforms, with multimedia content ontent. Here are some:

  •, a non-profit online library on which I host podcasts.
  • YouTube, where you can follow my recent video series Loidoros : play is political (English subtitles available for the long videos).
  • On download and comment some on my games on You can buy them as a pay-as-you-want too
  • On Facebook and on Instagram to follow me more closely ;)


Last update: 2023-01-07

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