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NAIVE | 2019-08-xx

Last updated: 2020-07-09

NAIVE is an erotic art game that aims to question our representations of sexuality, as well as create a virtual collaborative library of these representations by offering players to record game sessions. It exists as a two-player larp or as a four to twelve freeform larp. The freeform version was successfully played online using Discord.

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Table of contents

NAIVE: the two-player game

NAIVE is a short, introspective freeform role-playing game for two players with no game master. It is expected to last around two hours, including a few workshops and a debriefing. No costumes or props are needed. A device on which to play a piece of music used as a transition in and out of game is needed. Optional material includes a recording device, in case the participants would be willing to upload their session on the dedicated platform.


A person volunteers for a program to train an android’s AI. During their first session, the android asks the volunteer about sex. In this game, the android’s candidness serves to question the player’s perception of sexuality: it is a journey through representations of sex, desire, and the human.

Although it is mainly a dialogue, sex might be performed. Ars amandi would then be used as a mechanic.

Download Concept here


The volunteer character is built through a hot seat, monitored by the android player: it helps establishing a succinct identity for the character, but mostly focuses on which state of mind they are in at the beginning of the game. A workshop, monitored by the volunteer player, is designed to help the android player act and talk the most neutrally as possible: it also aims at creating a feeling of “uncanny valley”, a feeling of uneasiness that occurs when a robot look disturbingly like a human, for the volunteer player to interact with the android player. The game design also encourages both participants to share their feelings and expectations prior to the game, as part of the intention to foster respectful discussions about sexuality.

Download Workshops here

The AI Protocol

A word cloud is provided based on actual game sessions (developed through beta-testing, and later by implementing elements from recordings uploaded on the platform) to help direct the android’s questions. The protocol is by no means binding: it is merely here to provide guidelines or ideas to help the android player. It aims to favor associations of idea and support a naive approach, to try to cancel out the android player’s own preconceptions.

The android’s goal is to learn what sexuality is to human beings: ultimately, its assimilation of human features could lead it to question whether it can, itself, have sex. This questioning broadens the perspective of the game, diving into the perceived limits of the notion of humanity.

Download Protocol here

The Mosaic

The Internet Archive is used to allow those who played it to upload the recordings of their sessions. The aim is to create a virtual library on which diverse visions about sexuality can be found, in the form of a myriad of subjective conceptions. It contributes to sex education and a positive approach to sexuality by deconstructing prevailing discourses.

NAIVE: the freeform